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培训 & 资源

Our 设施 Team is here to assist you for any issues related to facilities, 保管的, 维护, 邮件支持, and shipping and receiving.

Our goal is to address your requests and issues effectively and quickly.

There are three ways to reach us:

  1. Call us at (856) 227-7200, ext. 4240.
    Use this number for facilities-related requests requiring immediate attention. Examples: plumbing, heating/cooling, large postal mailings, bulk mailing delivery, 等. This number can be used 24/7; however, after 4:30 p.m., the telephone call will be transferred to the 公共安全 Department for assistance.
  2. 电邮至 设施 to notify us of important but non-emergency items.
  3. SchoolDude can be accessed for general facilities 维护 issues such as ordering copy paper or envelopes, confidential shredding, 木工需要, 地毯清洗, 等.
    If access is needed, please contact: Jacquie Goodall in the 设施 Department at (856) 227-7200, ext. 4240.

设施 Master Plan

Contact Information

凯伯德, Director of 设施 Services and Sustainability
(856) 227-7200分机. 4626

迈克尔花茎甘蓝, Building Operations Man年龄r
(856) 227-7200分机. 4240

人都会唤醒, Coordinator, 设施 Operations
(856) 227-7200分机. 4240

唐Wilkus, Coordinator, 设施 Operations
(856) 227-7200分机. 4240

(856) 227-7200分机. 4240

李干了, Office Assistant II
(856) 227-7200分机. 4240

校园活动 & 规划


If you would like to book an event please contact:
特蕾莎佩佩, Event Coordinator
(856) 227-7200分机. 4514

To have your event displayed on the website's 事件日历 please fill out the Communications Request Form (select Web and Digital)

Request your event to be featured in our 校园全球网络赌博平台 section by contacting:

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